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Vegetarian Society Approved
SynBio Vegan Certified
SynBio Halal Certified
KLBD Kosher Certified

Synergy Biologics supplements are expertly formulated by pharmacists and include carefully selected ingredients at just the right strength for maximum benefit - always with safety in mind.

Our pharmacists endeavour to make all our supplements as inclusive as possible so that they are suitable for people with specific dietary requirements - without compromising the quality or efficacy of our products.

Every Synergy Biologics product is comprehensively assessed using internationally recognised standards for suitability and Suitability is clearly marked on every pack.


Please use the guide below to assess the suitability of our products. 

SynBio Suitablilty Chart
Synergy Biologics is a Cruelty Free Company Approved by PETA

Synergy Biologics does NOT engage in any form of animal testing on its site or through its approved supply chain.

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